Tuesday, December 4, 2012

isaac henry at 13.5 months.

my original plan was to stop doing monthly updates once isaac henry turned one. and i'm not committing to do one every month, BUT i think i'm still gonna have to do them here and there. i was telling emily yesterday that he has changed so much just since his birthday! and i have to remember these moments. 

at approximately 13.5 months, isaac henry:
  • has 8 teeth!
  • doesn't have great language skills yet, but he says mmmmm! when he takes a bite. and does a grunt/growl when you ask him what any animal says. whats a cow say? grrrrrr. what's a duck say? grrrrrr. 
  • knows where his belly, toes, and head is. and he'll show you when you ask him to. unless he's too busy, then you're out of luck.
  • is like 25 lbs. he's solid. it's hard to believe he used to be a worm. 
  • loves to give sugars and be tickled.
  • he disobeys and stands on the toy basket. and throws little tantrums where he flings his arms around. he's learning what no means, and this is gonna be a long road.
  • he really loves opening and shutting doors. and dancing. he comes up with different dance moves all the time. right now he's into spinning around and around. 
  • he's been pooping in the toilet some. cause if he needs to poop while he's in the bath tub, we just put him on the potty. and he thinks it's the funniest thing. 
  • he is a ball of energy. but he sleeps. PTL. 

i really feel like we're starting to see his personality more and more. he is such a people lover. you know, we've been doing advent stuff and reading about john the baptist. and i was talking to bryant the other night about what kind of kid john the baptist must have been. i bet he was a spit-fire. and it's funny to think of elizabeth seeing those little pieces of john's personality shine even as a babe, and just knowing what kind of man he was going to be.

and it makes me imagine what kind of man isaac henry is going to be. i saw isaac henry comfort a friend sunday in the nursery as they cried for their momma. he just reached out and patted him and babbled to him until he stopped crying. the lady that was in there said to IH, "you're a good friend." and while i hope he doesn't grow up to scream "hi!" in babies' faces at the library and try to open mouth kiss his friends and/or strangers everywhere we go [like he does now].. i see this little personality starting to grow and i'm just filled with hope that isaac will always be a people lover. that he'll always be a good friend. and my prayer is that he won't be those things just because he's a "good guy" but because he loves Jesus.  

oh Lord, please save my baby. let these seeds that we're planting even now fall on good soil. 

this kid has my heart. 


  1. Beautiful post! Your sweet mother's heart shines through your writing.

  2. love you LJ.

    If he is anything like his parents he will love the mess out of people and he will love Jesus even more. thankful he has amazing parents - a MOM and a DAD - that point him to Jesus. Praying for him. :)


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