Friday, December 7, 2012

instafriday. i'm back.

for some reason i got out of the habit of doing instafriday. but i'm back! at first i planned to go back and get all my instagrams from when i quit.. but that's just not gonna happen. so here's the last few weeks.

isaac henry loves the tree. he especially loves to disobey and take the beads and hang them around his neck.


another big thing he's into right now is looking out the window. this specific day he was watching the trash guy. our trash guy's name is pepe.


so, bryant and i opened christmas presents. we always do this. we just can't help it. and he spoiled me this year.

a lisa leonard necklace..


i LOVE it.

and then my momma and daddy came over and wanted me to open a gift from them and it was the willow tree nativity!


i've been wanting it for so long and was soo excited. and then i asked bryant to build me the stable and he was all, "we'll see." and then he told me to open the rest of my presents from him and it was the entire set!


i die at the beauty. it's huge. and since i bought bryant a table saw for christmas i am now trying to talk him into building me a table so i can display my wonderful nativity set properly. ha.

also he bought me a pair of toms. i'm spoiled.

last week i went to goodwill on half off day. i found a few clothes for IH but my best find maybe ever..


vintage 12 days of christmas glasses! the whole set! so cool.

i'm loving isaac henry's charlie brown christmas shirt. we love charlie brown. isn't there anyone who knows what christmas is all about?!


and isaac wore his daddy shirt for bry's birthday this week.


i made funfetti cupcakes for community group and caramel pie for our own private consumption.


yesterday, isaac was feeling a little puny, but we managed to do a little craft time. i let him paint with a paint brush for the first time. he loved it. i think we have an artist on our hands.


i framed it immediately. i'm serious.

and the real craft..


i know, right?! so stinking cute.

ok, i feel caught up. have a good weekend y'all! we're celebrating bryant a little more and changing the brakes on my car. hooray!

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