Thursday, November 29, 2012

the halls are decked.

hey! let's look at my christmas decorations! the pictures were taken in bad lighting! it's awesome!

i kept the tree really simple this year. because i'm a minimalist and don't want to add unnecessary crazy to my life or because my child is a nutball and would tear ornaments off the tree on the daily. your pick.

i got the idea to do a "names of god" garland from lemonade makin' mama. i love her style and wanna move into her house. i woulda bought a garland from her, but our tree is huge and i didn't have the budget to make that work. so i made one with stuff we already had! and i love it.


i had originally planned to color in the letters, but i liked them better with just the outline


i love the simplicity.

i was having issues with my mantle decor. you know when you have it in your head and then once it's executed it doesn't live up to the plan? that's what was happening. so i turned to instagram and got some answers.

this is the final combo/arrangement.


i'm pretty happy with it. what i needed at the time was just to quit looking at it! it was driving me bonkers. but i like it now.


i love the charlie brown christmas tree and the fun joy to the world print. those are my favorite part.


i did change one thing.. we turned the jar with the bottle brush tree upside down. bryant said it looked like we caught the tree. and that makes me giggle.


i originally wanted pine cones in that jar but couldn't find mini ones. and i'm happy with the bottle brush tree. they're trendy right now, and i'm the epitome of trendy so it fits.. jingle bells would've been a fun option too.

i just like those jars. i always try to take them down. but i can't. they go with every season.

and i made new stockings. out of burlap and lined them with fun red fabric. i'm kind of in love with them. they are very homemade [aka imperfect] but they'll do. and they'll be easy to add to as we expand our family in the coming years.




that's the main show, but of course there are other little sprinklings of christmas cheer throughout..



the gumdrop wreath was replaced this year..


this star was originally intended for the mantle.. that obvs. didn't work out.


and that's about it. i feel scatter brained but my house is cute. 'tis the season.

hey! i'm linking up with kelly.


  1. I love those stockings! If you ever wanted to do a tutorial... :)

  2. I LOVE your decorations! Especially the garland on the tree, and your stockings are adorable! Love that they aren't "perfect".. makes them extra special! :)

  3. your simple decorations are right up my alley! for our first newlywed christmas, we used a wedding gift card to pottery barn to order some stockings. i wasn't sure if we should get "adam and caitlin" or "mom and dad" monogrammed on them, but then i realized it would be really weird to have "mom and dad" stockings until a baby came along, ha ha!

    1. that's hilarious. you coulda really had some fun with that..


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