Tuesday, November 27, 2012


well, this is what we're doing for now. i'm not sure i love it. but i don't know if there's another option that doesn't require me spending money, which i'd really like to avoid. we'll see what my blogging consultant [brybear] can come up with at a later date.

anyhow, here's what thanksgiving looked like for us.. hanging out with my parents. eating yummy food. isaac henry playing with his nanny and papa toys. trying to take pictures and cracking up.

i made green bean casserole. and rolls. and pies. my daddy made the rest: baked chicken [turkey is too much for just 4 of us.], dressing, giblet gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, cheese potatoes. i think that was it. and 'twas delicious. 


my dad has a problem keeping his eyes open in pictures.. which always results in laughter. the picture's great! ...except dad's eyes are closed. again.




get ready to have your heart melted..


nanny and papa have all kinds of fun things at their house for IH. he's not spoiled at all.





and that was it. laid back, simple, just how i like it. we're trying to get in a groove of going to momma and daddy's for thanksgiving and them coming to our house for christmas. i like it.

also, we put up our christmas decor thanksgiving night. i don't mess around folks. out with the old, in with the new! i'll show you in a little bit.

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