Wednesday, November 7, 2012

some thoughts.

on target:

our target just got a grocery store and a starbucks. we're movin' on up! and they've sent me coupons the last few weeks for free stuff, no strings attached. first it was eggs, then a 2 liter of coke, then a loaf of bread.

i see what you're doing target. and you will not win. i will exercise self control!

thanks for the free stuff, you sneaky sneaky target.

on isaac henry:

daylight savings time has ruined what we had. i am not happy about these developments. getting up at 3:30 AM, ready to play, is not ok.  momma's not ready to play. momma's ready to sleep 3 more hours.

i was so tired this morning that i felt like i was gonna throw up. and then my sexy husband said magic words as he walked out the door: "don't worry about chores today, ok?" so we took a 3 hour nap. glory glory hallelujah.

isaac henry has recently taken an interest in taking bites out of stuff. like, instead of tearing it up for him he just wants to take a bite out of the whole thing. he confiscated my taquito last night and nearly ate the whole thing. he was really into it not being tore up and him being able to control the bites. he's cute.

and i made a controversial decision to let him try peanut butter. and he didn't die.

on voting:

i voted yesterday. and didn't get a sticker. i will not stand for this sort of treatment. how will the world know that i voted without a sticker?!

as i stood in line yesterday, (and eavesdropped on the people that were behind me) a lady that serves in the military was catching up with this guy she went to high school with. he asked her, in a very concerned voice, "are you for Obama?" he had gathered she was by something positive she had written on facebook about him. she replied by saying, "i'm not voting for him. but i respect him because he's my commander and chief." i thought that was so honorable. and it really made me think.

i tend to lean toward the conservative side of things (surprise!). i cried 4 years ago when Obama was elected. i was nervous and worried. and the emotion of being an adult and voting all caught up to me. and i cried. because it didn't go my way.

and here we are 4 years later, and the world hasn't ended because Obama is president. some things have changed and some haven't.

one thing that hasn't changed is that this country (this world!) needs hope. but that hope won't come from a guy named barack or a guy named mitt. it'll come from a guy named Jesus. and he didn't have to run for president, because he's already Lord of all.

on this time of year:

this time of year always makes me remember the beginning of bryant and my's relationship. we were kids. it was sweet. and without fail, cold weather brings with it the memory of butterflies in my stomach and hoping that he would kiss me when he walked me to the door. usually he didn't. but he kisses me all the time now, so it all worked out.

i am so ready for christmas. i want to pull out the decorations and buy presents and watch charlie brown christmas and listen to carols. right now. so maybe i will.


  1. I'm itching to put out my Christmas decorations! I comprised Sunday and got a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks while watching Love Actually.

  2. I love you Lindsey Jo.
    You are right... and I'm so thankful it doesn't depend on a man who won/lost the Presidency. Yay for Jesus! He is always good!

    I love Christmas time too... so magical. :) I hope we get to see each other!

  3. Corbin's sleep is all messed up too! I am not thrilled about his newfound 7 pm bedtime and 5 am wake time, along with his 11 pm, 2 am I'm-not-sure-what-I-want wake times!

  4. Corbin's sleep is all messed up too! I am not thrilled about his newfound 7 pm bedtime and 5 am wake time, along with his 11 pm, 2 am I'm-not-sure-what-I-want wake times!


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