Tuesday, November 20, 2012

rachel and jon's wedding.

this weekend has been a roller coaster of emotion. we headed to virginia thursday night for my forever friend, rachel's wedding. she was beautiful. and the wedding was probably the best wedding i've ever been to. i'm not just saying that because it was my best friend that was getting married, but i was really challenged. it was just very Christ centered.

rachel and jon's first dance..

they do a lot of swing dancing, so they incorporated a little swing dance at the end of their first dance. they're cute.

rach has been my best friend since we were 10. that's why i call her my forever friend. cause we've been friends forever! she has been there for me through some crappy stuff. and some fun stuff. i love that girl and her heart.

isaac henry LOVED the dance floor.

he's a dancing machine..


they're wedding was in the morning and they had brunch/omelets/breakfasty food at the reception. it was yummy! breakfast food is my fave, and theirs.

bryant was super daddy for the weekend. he and IH had lots of alone time.

also, isaac henry started having panic attacks when we'd put him in the pack 'n' play. like, crying like i've never seen him cry before. so he slept in the bed with us for the weekend, which he hasn't done since he was itty bitty. i do not know how you co-sleepers do it. that kid was all over the place. i have never in my life.

and rachel and jon rode off in a horse and carriage. romantical!

i was so blessed to be a part of their day. the cokers love rachel and jon!

and i hope they live happily ever after. but first i hope they move to tennessee. because virginia is 5,000 hours away and that's not gonna cut it.


  1. BAHAHA!!! Is IH doing the sprinkler!!???!!!???

    I love him. I love you. Bryant and Rachel are great too.

  2. #1 - YOU look fab in that dress.
    #2 - the shots of the kid on the dance floor - uber presh and he's gonna be a lady killuh
    #3 - the horse & carriage UGH so sweet
    #4 - yo friend and her hub look like 15 (oh how I miss my youth)

  3. okay, this is super late, but that photo of IH cutting a rug on the dance floor might just be the funniest thing i've ever seen!


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