Monday, November 19, 2012

my mammaw.

my mammaw went to be with Jesus yesterday morning. it was all of a sudden and there she was, in heaven.

a few summers ago, we were living with momma and daddy, just a minute away from mammaw and pap and i got a frantic phone call from mammaw that she needed me to come to their house, quick! so of course, i hopped in the car and rushed over there.

the emergency: they wanted a picture with their rose bush.

mammaw is my grandma. you would gather that from me calling her mammaw, right? but she isn't my dad's mom or my mom's mom. she started keeping me when i was a few months old and noah as soon as he exited the womb. and they just always treated us like we were theirs.

even after we didn't need a babysitter, they loved on us and wanted us to come over there. they have 7 kids and a bajillion grandkids. and there was still room for us. she did such a good job treating me like a grand daughter that i sometimes forget i'm not.

it is a really special love when you can just love someone like they're your family and really mean it. i feel like we talk like that a lot, like so-and-so is like a sister to me. but it's actually really rare. to really ignore that you aren't related and just recognize each other as family.

mammaw is just a beautiful picture of what a Godly wife and momma should look like. and she had spunk. lots and lots of spunk.

she called me every week just to check on us. and to make sure that i kissed isaac for her. 

she loved well. and i love her. and man, i'm gonna miss her.

i'm so happy she's with Jesus. but i'm sad she's not with me.

ps. her real name is Moline. isn't that the cutest thing? it suited her, cause she was the cutest thing.

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