Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hawaii vacay. part 2.

like i mentioned yesterday, this wasn't a beach vacation. and surprisingly the big island isn't very beachy. but we did manage to do a little bit of beach time.

on that day we just went to this random beach we found in our exploration. and it ended up being a dolphin sanctuary. it was a little bay and they would come in there to rest. so there was like 40 dolphins just swimming and jumping up out of the water. some people were swimming out to them and they said the dolphins were just swimming right up to them.

bryant and i did not do that. because they're WILD animals. and we would be the only two people in the world to get attacked by the friendliest fish in the ocean.

we did a LOT of exploring, aka driving around and looking. there are such beautiful coastlines and cliffs. and the funniest little communities. once again, it feels eery, like you shouldn't be there.

we went to the southernmost point of the US. so, we're super cool.

here we are, as southern as you can get..

oh no, actually this is as southern as you can get. on the edge. this is where the world ends.. if the world was the united states.

and we took a helicopter tour! of the VOLCANO.

there's lava. LAVA. am i the only person that forgets that volcanoes are real?

see that tiny blue dot close to the cliff? those are people fishing. they hiked out there, cause there's no roads or anything. crazy!

but the island is just growing from all the lava. again, i forget this is real life.

the helicopter pilot was telling us about the eruptions and how houses and roads had been covered 3 weeks ago. and we could see some of the rubble. nothing like looking out your window at destruction..

we also got a bird's eye view of some waterfalls and other scenery.

twas pretty.

more exploring, some valley..

so, there are beaches there, but they aren't like.. destin.

they're BLACK.

isn't that sooo black?!

and we saw a sea turtle!

so cool. and no, he wasn't dead. he was sleeping!

isn't that the coolest thing?! we're so in touch with nature now.

and on the last day we went to a real beach..

let me just tell you about our hygiene on that day. so we checked out of our hotel, went to the beach for the day, rinsed off in outside showers, flew overnight into san fransisco, went to yosemite, and checked into our hotel in san fran at 10 pm that night. we were stinky.

i'll tell you more about cali tomorrow.

also, we ate our body weight in fish tacos and ice cream. and bought isaac henry a ukelele. and we held hands a lot and tried to say a lot of hawaiian words that just sounded like poo-poo.

hawaii was awesome. it was so great to get away with bryant and it just be us. i think it's important to just spend time as a couple, with no IH. it helps me love bryant more and when i'm loving bryant more, i'm loving isaac henry more. 


  1. okay, i am officially jealous. and officially making sure that we finally ask around for a babysitter so we can at least go out to dinner by ourselves. y'all are making a whole vacation look pretty good right now.

    p.s. you should have come to seattle, not california, silly!

    1. yes! go on a date! ..or a vacation :)


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