Monday, November 12, 2012

hawaii vacay. part 1.

well, we went to hawaii. our fifth anniversary is coming up in december and we have been wanting to go to hawaii, so it just worked out that this was the time to do it. we were gone for 11 days. of course it takes a long time to get to hawaii from tennessee, so some days were travel and then we spent some time in california at the tail end of the trip, but we'll get to that.

this trip was way different than any vacation we've been on together. i'm usually a beach person. i'd be perfectly content laying on the beach for a few days and then going home, but there was LOTS of adventure and seeing stuff and learning this trip. and it was really fun!

and now i'm going to be that person that makes you look at all her vacation pictures! but let's be real, you want to. 

we spent one full day in oahu. and really didn't feel like we needed more time there.

we went to pearl harbor.

and saw the USS Arizona memorial. it's built right on top of the sunk ship, which is the grave for all those sailors. and you can still see oil coming up out of the ship.

it was pretty neat. really cool to remember and learn more about that part of our history.

then we went to the dole plantation.

we took a city bus out there (it was like an hour or so away from pearl harbor) and when we got to the bus stop to wait, there were people sitting there. they asked us where we were going and then they just followed us. they were on vacation too and didn't have plans for the day. isn't that funny? and strange?

this is where we ate lunch. and so. much. pineapple.

they have this pineapple soft serve. oh. lord. so good.

then we rode this silly train and got a tour of the plantation, which is still a full on pineapple farm.

look at this cute little baby pineapple..

i'm interested in agriculture [and pineapple ice cream] so it was really fun for me.

we ate dinner at dukes, which is supposedly the place to eat, and walked around a little bit that night. and left for the big island the next day. that's where we spent most of our time. and it is so cool.

some people have been asking me, "so is hawaii really as cool as i imagine?" and it really is. here's a fun fact: there are 13 climate zones in the world and 11 on the big island. weird, right? so it makes the whole place feel really surreal and strange, like it's a secret place that you aren't supposed to know about.

so we stayed in kona and got a car so we could adventure around. and adventure around we did!

our first day we toured a coffee farm/mill. me and my interest in agriculture again..

it was on the tip-top of a mountain and it was cold, and rainy, and foggy..

but it was very educational. and yummy. i had no idea how coffee was grown and prepared.

very very cool.

and then we went to a luau. i think that's a must when you're in hawaii.

there was a show and food and mai tais. and we learned how to hula dance and make a fish out of a palm leaf. 

here are the guys taking our pig outta the ground..

these dancers were awesome.

look at all the food!

their sweet potatoes are purple.

here's bryant with a dancer..

that makes me laugh.

and that's our first few days. i'm gonna split these vacay posts up so it's not so overwhelming with 400 pictures a day. and i'm not sure how many posts this little series will be. probably 1,000. so, there's something to look forward to!

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