Wednesday, November 14, 2012

hawaii vacay, the california part.

are you tired of hearing about my vacation yet? i promise this is the last post!

bryant had some work training in san fransisco at the tail end of our trip so we were there for 3 days. luckily bryant has a brother that lives in california so he showed me around and i got to visit with his fam while bryant learned about data bases or something equally exciting.

the first day [the one where we were stinky] bryant's brother chris and our nephew, selden, took us to yosemite.

it was beautiful! i didn't travel much growing up so there's so much of the US that i haven't seen. also, as soon as we were pulling into yosemite we look over and there are 3 BEARS! a momma and her 2 babes. it was so cool. i couldn't really get a picture cause the bears were on the move and the shadows were hiding them, but it was super cool.

we saw so much wildlife on this vacay.

the next day (i think this was halloween, san fran is an interesting place to be. especially on halloween.) chris, and our other nephew max, took me to muir woods and to a few look out points for the golden gate bridge. i like to think of it as the day i saw big stuff.

that was also the day that i braved the streets of san fran alone because chris couldn't get to me because of the world series parade. and there was a mob of baseball fans and it was scary and a waste because i was blocked from getting to chris so i just sat in my hotel room for a few hours..

the final day, we did some sight seeing around san fransisco. i rode a cable car. we went down to fisherman's dwarf and over to treasure island.

it was fun, but i was certainly ready to get home to our boy by this point. plus not being able to see things with bryant was kinda a bummer. but it was fun to hang out with chris and sara and the kiddos. we don't see them often, so i was glad to get to spend time with them.

oh, and we met bill cosby. this was in california, but it was on the way to hawaii.

so we were in LAX and i just knew we were gonna see somebody famous. i kept psyching myself up and thinking that i was seeing joe mantegna and then it wouldn't be joe montegna at all. so we're standing there, fixing to board and i see this guy and think, "man. that looks like bill cosby. if that's not bill cosby, he looks just like him." so i whisper to bryant, "is that bill cosby?" and it was! so of course we harassed him and got a picture. he was, after all, just sitting there in the airport like a normal person.

and that's all folks.


  1. Was not expecting that Bill Cosby-related plot twist at the end. Hope you guys soaked up every ray of sun on your trip!

    1. ha! just when you think you know what's coming, BOOM! bill cosby!


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