Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving y'all!

today i look around at all the things that God has blessed me with. and i'm so so grateful. i'm undeserving of His good gifts, and He gives them freely. everyday.

i'm thankful for my sweet husband. he loves Jesus. and he loves me well. he works hard to provide for our little family. and he is the best daddy to isaac henry. i'm thankful that our stories are intertwined from such a young age and that we get to do all of life together.

i'm thankful for my rambunctious boy. i'm thankful for his personality. that he loves people. i pray that God continues to develop that in him and that isaac henry is known by that characteristic. i love his laughter. i'm thankful that he is an easy kid. i'm so so thankful for his health. and i'm thankful that he goes to bed early so momma and daddy can have some time.  

i'm thankful for where we're at at this point in time. i'm thankful for our home. even on days when i feel like it's not big enough or it's too messy, it's home. i'm thankful for our little church and the people there. i'm thankful for our little town and that we're just minutes from anything that we need. this year has just been sweet. simple. and sweet.

i'm thankful for my girl friends. even though they're spread all over the place, they are my precious friends. they challenge me. they encourage me. they pray for me. and my heart aches to be closer to them. i am thankful for the things God is doing in their lives. new opportunities, new marriage, new babies. i'm thankful that i get to see it all unfold.

i'm thankful that we can go to chick-fil-a without batting an eye. that we can get a happy hour drink from sonic and don't have to think about it. i'm thankful for cups of coffee in the morning. i'm thankful for s'mores. i'm thankful for the silly tv shows that bryant and i cuddle up to watch every night. i'm thankful for the washing machine.

i'm thankful for my parents and their willingness to serve and love us. i'm thankful that they treat bryant like he's theirs. and i'm thankful for the papa and nanny they are to isaac henry.

i'm thankful that before i was even a thought, God chose me. He sent Jesus to die for me. to forgive me. to give grace and mercy to me. to use me. how humbling that the God of the universe loves me.

and i'm thankful for you! i'm thankful that you care about our family enough to read this silly blog and get a glimpse of our day to day. you're my friend.   

we're ridiculously blessed. like, ridiculously.

happy thanksgiving. i'll be counting my blessings and eating pie.

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