Thursday, October 18, 2012

things at our house.

we have a busy few days coming up. birthday party, packing, one year check up, leaving for hawaii!

but for today i want to tell you three things.

1. we had our first ER visit last night. on his first birthday. and this picture makes it all worth it..

that face! it seriously cracks me up. let me say straight out that everything is fine. isaac henry is apparently tough as raw hide. that and our God is awesome and keeps our fearless babe safe.

what happened: IH is quick and sneaky. the person watching him at community group turned her back for a second, and isaac decided to go down stairs. which he doesn't know how to do, so he proceeded to fall down a flight of stairs. it was pretty scary. but PTL, he's fine. we just wanted to get him double checked cause he took some pretty hard hits and had some good purple bumps on the ole noggin.

and seriously, look at that picture. he was just glaring at bryant. he was through with the whole thing. i can't blame him. who wants to spend their birthday in the ER?!

2. i bought a new straightener cause the one i had is the same one i had in high school. and i wanted to get a thinner one that i could curl my hair with and look all glamorous. in my yoga pants.

i tried. and failed. it was probably half because my hair doesn't do styles very well. and half because i don't know what the heck i'm doing. so much for glamorous lindsey jo. #straighthairforlife

3. i'm finding it hard to blog these days because i feel like instagram is my mini-blog. i'll maybe do an instafriday tomorrow since i haven't done one in weeks. or you can just follow me on there [lindseyjocoker] and get real life updates as they happen.

also, i got a twitter. i should channel my inner biebs and never say never, cause i sure did and here i am with tweets. i don't love it. but i'm there none the less. and i might tweet every now and then. if you get the hankerin' you can follow me. i'm LindseyJoCoker. and also i'm super original.

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  1. My plan is to avoid the IH "stinkeye" for the next ten days...


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