Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the coker farm.

y'all know that i have a farm in my dreams. and in my really unrealistic dreams we are completely self sufficient.

in my reality we live in a subdivision and have a few raised bed gardens. and we aren't self sufficient in the least bit.

we also have two rabbits.

well, they aren't necessarily ours. but they're definitely not wild and they've taken to living in our yard. we aren't sure what to do.

until yesterday there was just one and then the white one showed up.

so naturally i went outside and tried to catch them. me running around the yard, barefoot. bryant watching and isaac henry pointing and laughing. real farm-y.

and here's something.. rabbits are fast. so pretty much i just looked dumb.

i'm not sure what i would have done had i actually caught one.

i named them anna and emily. i think anna is a boy. he was putting some moves on emily. we may have more rabbits soon.. 

it seems they're here to stay, until the circle of life happens and something eats them.


  1. We had someone drop a pet rabbit off at our church once! My mom kept it in her garage until she couldn't stand the smell anymore. Anyway, she wound up calling a rabbit rescue. They tried to make her keep it, but she told them she would feed it to the coyotes if they didn't come get it. They wound up coming and getting it the next day. Just a thought if you are wanting to get rid of them!

  2. and once again, Lindsey Jo has amused me. Thanks for that.


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