Monday, October 22, 2012

isaac henry's first birthday: the party details.

i decided to break this party up into two blogs: one with all the details and cutesy stuff and another with pictures of the guests and all that. because some of you might not be into looking at pictures of strangers. to each their own. 
so here's how we started. the invitations..

i borrowed wording from here and there and made them in picmonkey and printed them at home on white cardstock. we're fancy.

this was the typical balloons on the mailbox thing..

only i obviously stuck them on that awesome tractor that was bryant's when he was a little boy. it was my inspiration for the whole party. and i think it being 25 years old makes it vintage, and therefore, hip.

a sign on the door to welcome the masses..

that way i wasn't having to answer the door every second. i just free handed the words on some brown packing paper and glued it to some cardboard. 

i wanted to keep the decor simple and i'm really into decorating the mantle for parties right now. this may be my favorite mantle of all time. i'm in love..

i was thinking about keeping it up forever. but one of our youth came over the other day when it was already up. she looked up at it and didn't know he was having a party a few days later. with utmost concern she asked me, "is isaac henry going to be an only child??" so maybe i should take it down since i don't want people to think i'm absolutely obsessed with my kid. even though i sort of am. 

you see more one year pictures, don't ya? you want more? they're coming folks. hold your horses.

my other main decor was the display of his monthly pictures. it was cool to see them all strung up together like that. i'm so glad i took those pictures.

oh look, a blurry picture of isaac henry!

i only included it because you can kinda see his "1" t-shirt i made him to wear for the party. and nanny and papa got him that tractor.

as for food, the party was from 2-4, so we just did some finger food things and cake and ice cream. my momma helped me make a lot of it. ptl for her, i seriously couldn't do this type of thing without her!

in case you're really into details [like me] we served ham and cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese bites, lil' smokies, chocolate chip cookies, chips and salsa, and yummy fruit salad.

and lemonade and coke, in glass bottles!

isaac henry's smash cake, which he did not like..

and everyone else's cake, which we all liked..

i made texas sheet cake [always a hit! serves a crowd! you can't go wrong!] and served it pre-sliced in these cute food boats. it's all in the details, people.


and this is how we sent people on their way..

again with the free handing on packing paper, gluing on cardboard.

who doesn't want a picture of this cute baby?! he's on a tractor for crying out loud..

come back tomorrow for more party memories and pictures of people you don't know! it shall be.. educational!   


  1. This is the cutest party ever!!! so sad I missed it! And I want a picture for my fridge!!!! how cute is the one on the snack table! waving at the camera. Such a stud!

    And i love the mantle! I'm gonna decorate a mantle just like that here. No one will understand but I will. Also, i don't have a mantle. its probably for the best!

    okay, well thats all. well done momma! love you!!

  2. Great party! Great parents! Great Baby! Great Cake! (Seriously, the cake was awesome. I have to move away from it.) Great grandparents...ok so there were literally great grandparents in attendance...

  3. super cute party!! so awesome seeing all your creative-ness! i'm not so creative so would it be okay if i "stole" some of your ideas? purty please? =) ps. Isaac Henry is one super cute one year old! can't wait to see all your pictures!!

  4. I have to say this post elicited happy feelings for me until I got to the part where I read the "take home a picture for the fridge" sign. UGH. I'm going to need you to mail me one of those because my fridge is going to be depressed until it gets a picture of him. Lesson learned: read all signs at all parties. XOXO So glad we could be there! It was fun and sweet!


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