Tuesday, October 23, 2012

isaac henry's first birthday: the other party details.

this is part 2. less about the decor and food and more about the people we love.

a baby opening presents!

here he's clapping cause we're done..

a baby playing in cake!

you think he's going to go for it..

but no. not even a bite. mostly he just rubbed it and flung his hands to and fro.

i even let him use a fork, thinking that maybe he wanted to be civilized for once. nope.

this is one of my besties, tara and her girl kari. 

kari is isaac henry's senior by 10 months. she calls isaac henry "ikhenry". it's precious.

they came upstairs as i was getting isaac out of the bathtub after his cake and him and kari were practically making out up there. seriously. we let them give a kiss and then isaac henry kept going back for more. i'm gonna have to watch that kid.

here they are again, going for the smooch..

aunt shanny and uncle gar-bear..

aunt shanny is especially special since she was in the room to see isaac henry's exit from the womb.

isaac henry with blake..

they played together forever! so sweet.

our sweet friends, amanda and brandon..

some of my girlfriends: amanda, keltcey, and lisa..

my mawmaw drove in from illinois. i was so glad she came!

isaac henry with his friend roman. they're a month apart. and they're both on the go, so this was the best picture i could get..

with cousin seth..

 with aunt kayla and uncle trey.. and isaac's cousinfriend in utero!!!! 

with grang.. who thinks she's changing her name to gigi, or something, but i am sooo teaching your grandbaby to call you grang. give up now! muhahahaha!

with papa and nanny..

how funny is his smile in that picture?!

with my other grandparents, nana and duncan..

and finally! with us!

i am continuously amazed at how much God has blessed us. we have so many people in our lives that love our little family and i am so so grateful. 

our house was packed to the max! thank you to everyone that came and celebrated our boy! we had a great time and even though he won't remember, i will. and it means the world to me.


  1. so sweet! so thankful you got to be surrounded by people that love you and your boy!

    love ya'll!

  2. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)gmail.com

  3. ha ha, i love how serious he looks in the very first picture! though, opening presents is a very serious business. sounds like it was an awesome party. you did a great job!


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