Monday, October 1, 2012

i am that customer.

this blog could also be titled: why momma needs a milkshake or i have a big bag of tortilla chips and no salsa.

my monday ritual is to clean the downstairs. start some laundry. and go to walmart.

i've written about the hard times i have at walmart before. like seeing people that aren't wearing pants, or locking my big pregnant self out of the truck while it's running. so i shouldn't be surprised when things go wrong there.

i stocked up today. bought a TON of groceries. and made it all the way through to the check out line.  with no problemo.

then isaac henry, AKA mr. helpful, grabbed my jar of salsa and threw it on the ground where it proceeded to shatter and splatter tomatoey goodness on everything in sight.


so, we're salsa-less. and we always have salsa in this house. it's one of our staples. like green beans and white rice and chicken breasts.

but i'm not going back to walmart. so we'll do without.

and i did buy myself a milkshake. and i considered not giving isaac henry his thanks-for-being-awesome-at-walmart treat. but when your idea of a treat is pureed white beans in a squeeze pouch, how can i not give him that? what kind of mother would i be if i robbed him of that beany joy?! 

and just because i'm nosey and i want you to be like me, here's the inside of my refridgerator..

do you feel like we're closer friends now?

also, you can see some of the groceries i bought today, obvs. i also bought a candle. and a fake fake pair of TOMS-like shoes. not even BOBS. even faker. like $10. ha.


  1. He was just verifying that gravity was still working. Mission accomplished.

  2. oh, babies. i have never been so tempted by the candy next to the checkout as i am now that i'm shopping with claire. in fact, i might have had to throw a package of halloween oreos in the cart at target yesterday. and i may have had to open the package before we checked out...


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