Monday, October 8, 2012

ami's wedding weekend.

this last weekend was my friend ami's wedding. she is one of my besties from college and i got to be one of her bridesmaids!

she was an absolutely gorgeous bride and i am so excited for her and canaan. her wedding was super cute. the venue was awesome. she had a lot of cutesy details. and she did the all the bridesmaids pick their own dress thing, which y'all know i LOVE.

oh, is that steven curtis chapman to the very right of them? why yes, yes it is. we call him uncle steve. and by we, i mean canaan and ami. and no, he didn't sing "diving in" at the wedding, despite my best attempts.

they had a buncha different cakes and mexican food at the reception. and dancing!  lots of dancing.

and we held up these nifty romantical lanterns as they left..

well, i did not. because they seemed kinda dangerous and scary. but bryant and jacob embraced the danger..

one of my very favorite parts of the weekend was getting to see the rest of my besties..

they came over and spent the night after the wedding. we got to snuggle and chat. and it was good for me.

i love them. they make me happy.

and isaac henry loves his aunts..

and another great thing that happened this weekend was that anna and jacob brought me my clock! isn't it so awesome?!

they are selling these beautiful clocks to help fund their adoption. visit anna's blog and buy a clock to help bring their son and my nephew home!!

oh look, it's isaac henry in a sock monkey hat..

this weekend was fun. it was good for my heart. i am so blessed with these amazing friends. God is good to us. 

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