Wednesday, October 17, 2012

12 months.

happy birthday isaac henry! you are a whole year old!

i really am praising the Lord that i don't have to take these pictures anymore. he does not want to sit/stand still. and it ends in me sweating and huffing and him running off to the kitchen or something.

he gave me a few today. a blurry few, but a few none the less..

at ONE YEAR OLD, isaac henry:
  • is a full on toddler. i feel less and less like i have a baby and more and more like i have a little boy. 
  • walking! he started around 11 and a half months and walks 100% of the time now. 
  • has 5 teeth [and is this close to having 6]. 3 on top, 2 on bottom.
  • i'd venture to say he's a little over 20 lbs. wearing 12 month clothes [look at him, right on the money.] and a size 4 shoe.
  • still sleeping awesome. 6 pm - 6:30/7 am. plus two naps a day. 
  • he's a dancing machine.
  • loves buttons/phones/remotes. fave toys: little people, cars, balls, toy phones.
  • eating mostly table food with the occasional pouch of baby food thrown in. those pouches were invented by angels. faves: grilled cheese, pizza, FRUIT, smoothies, raisins, waffles, bread. not a big fan of meat. when he's getting teeth [like, now] he stops liking certain stuff. i think it's the texture or something.
  • completely weaned. we stopped nursing october 1. he didn't mind. we went straight to cow's milk and he likes it just fine.  
  • loves people. always saying "hi!" and waving. i really hope he's always this friendly. 
  • we have a climber. he is constantly hikin' up that leg and trying to get on top of something. today, he mastered the couch. awesome. 
  • loves playing outside.
  • takes off his shoes and socks in the car. always. 
  • dislikes: sitting still for more than one millisecond, having things taken away from him, falling down. 
  • no new words, but he has elaborated on "hi." he now says "hidey." because he's a 75 year old farmer. i think he's trying to say some other things, but he's not that great at language. still doesn't say momma, because he likes to torture me. he points at what he wants or if he wants you to look at something, he'll point. 
  • he thinks it's hilarious if you sniff his feet and yell, "shoo!" or "stinky!"
  • loves to be chased. he cracks up. 
  • his favorite time of day is when daddy gets home. he runs to the door. bryant just can't come in quick enough. 
  • and he's too stinking handsome for his own good.
mostly, he's awesome. i couldn't ask for a better babe. this last year has been such a blessing. and i'm so excited to see what God is going to do with isaac henry's life. it's bound to be cool. 

12 whole months! did that fly by or what?!


  1. He is such a cutie! Isn't it nuts that you can remember his birth vividly?! Lol!!

  2. So Isaac Henry shares a birthday with Eminem. Didja know that?
    Cute pics. Can't believe the little joker is already a year old. I feel like I know him via your blog LOL


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