Thursday, September 13, 2012

the great outdoors.

i took isaac henry outside to play yesterday. we've been out a few times, but i'm just now getting comfortable letting him explore outside. plus it's been so hot and sunny this summer and we have absolutely no shade, so it's kinda been hard letting him play. but now that it's a little cooler, we're taking advantage of it!

and he LOVES playing outside. he just laughs and laughs.

i rode him around in the wagon and he clapped the whole time.

one of his favorite things right now is to push stuff around. like my kitchen chairs. look how much fun he's having pushing the wagon..

isn't that so fun?! he cracks me up.

and his absolute favorite thing to do outside..

play in the dirt. yay. i discovered this the other day in the front yard. he would make little piles of mulch on the sidewalk and then dump the mulch back in the flower bed. over and over.

he put a good dent in the flower pot. such a boy.

we came in once he was good and sweaty and dirty. and he took a good ole nap.

i'd love to be raising a country kid. but i'm trying to be content in our current living situation. and our little yard is plenty big for him right now.

lord knows i am not wishing away his babyhood, but it is so fun when they start being able to do stuff!


  1. he is getting so grown up! he is just becoming his own whole little person! he is adorable! can't wait to be his date at Ames' wedding!

  2. He's THE HAPPIEST little dude!!!! Does he ever frown?


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