Monday, September 24, 2012

new clothes and a booty rash.

1. i bought a bunch of new clothes. and i like 'em a lot. see, i've been wanting this polka dot chambray shirt from old navy. and meghan came over the other day wearing it and that was it, i had to have it. the only thing was that i didn't know what britches to wear with it.. denim, which is my life, on denim just didn't seem right.

meghan had on colored britches. and she looked real cute. and i bet my friend ami has some colored britches too, cause they're really fashion-y and she's super fashiony and i thought what the heck? i could wear some colored britches. so i went and put some on at the store. and then i looked in the mirror and told myself, "lindsey jo, you look like a clown. take those off and put on some blue jeans."

and then i bought two pair of blue jeans, because colored britches are just too fashiony to have animal crackers squished into them daily.

i made bryant take pictures of me in my new outfits. cause who doesn't like being super awkward and taking pictures of themselves??

2. isaac henry had a little diaper rash. so i posted on facebook asking other mommas what i should put on this kid's butt. i seriously got like 40 comments and it turns out everybody pretty much has a different opinion. isn't that wonderful?

i went with corn starch. cause i was using it in my dinner that night, so why not sprinkle it on my son's heiny as well? and i alternated with my natural stuff, since i'm a hippy. and it was clear in a day and a half-ish.

i think what really did it was two of his top teeth came to the surface.

3. today i'm cleaning house and doing laundry. and wearing yoga pants. and heating up left over roast for dinner.

mondays. it's like they happen every week.  


  1. youre so funny. you could totes pull off colored pants. and i have a polka dot chambray shirt from forever 21 and i LOVE it. one of my fave pieces. did you get one?
    but i love the new outfits! especially those dark skinny jeans.
    youre presh!

  2. yeah. that chambray shirt i'm wearing in the third pic has polka dots. it didn't show up too good in the pictures.

  3. Go getcha some of them colored britches ya big CHICKEN!

  4. bah you're adorable.
    and really pretty.
    and i like you!

  5. You can definitely pull off colored jeans! I think that you need UT orange ones. :) Your new outfits are super cute!

  6. You're one hot mama! IH would agree...


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