Friday, September 7, 2012


this is the sorriest instafriday yet.

this week has been a super slow stay-at-home week. i didn't really make anything cool for dinner. and nothing too exciting has been happening over here. so i have TWO. count 'em. TWO instagram pictures this week..

isaac henry will not stay out of the fire place. it's so cute and i really wouldn't mind, except he doesn't know how to get out. so he would most likely just fall onto the marble and bust it.

and being that yesterday he ran into the wall about 10 times and then hit his face on the table and looked like he'd been in a fight, we should probably avoid all the busting it we can. the fireplace has now been covered up with a piece of scrap wood. i'm in search of a safer/not-so-heavy alternative. maybe foam board?

so his latest thing is "talking" on the phone. if you say, "ring ring ring." he'll throw that toy phone up to his ear and yell, "hi!" so funny and stinking adorable.

i love seeing him learn new things. he also learned to throw a ball this week. and drive a stick shift and do his own laundry.

and that's it for this week. ha! told you it was sorry.

we're off to our church retreat this weekend. and we're leaving the babe with nanny and papa. my first night away from him. should be interesting.

also, there's a talent show. i'm stoked.

y'all have a fun weekend!

life rearranged


  1. wow, your kid is so advanced! :) the phone talking is so cute, isn't it?

  2. Such cute pictures! What a cute little guy! Found you from the blog hop!


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