Wednesday, September 5, 2012

do you even care about my weekend at this point?

i mean, it's wednesday. it seems to me like the weekend is history.

nevertheless, i actually did stuff this weekend, so it must be documented!

saturday i met my buddy tara at the goodwill for 1/2 off saturday. my goal was to find IH some khaki pants for the fall. and i succeeded! i got two pair of khakis and a pair of brown pants for $1 each. and i got a cute green dress/shirt for myself. you'll see it pictured below..

then we had that pretty lady and her fiance over for dinner. that's rachel. she's my BFF.

since we were 10. that's a special love, my friend.

these pictures were taken at her bridal shower, which is what i did on sunday afternoon.

so nothing too exciting, but lots of friend time which is good for my heart. and bryant was SUPERdaddy this weekend. he and isaac had lots of father/son bonding without the interruption of momma. i love those boys.

and now for the question of the day.. i have ground beef. what's for dinner?

1 comment:

  1. Oh silly lady! I always care about your weekend :-P I'm behind on my blog these days. Busy, busy!


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