Monday, September 3, 2012

7 chocolate chip cookies: a recipe.

friday night bryant went to watch the vols play with some fellas from church. so i was home alone supervising the sleeping grandpa babe. and i was dying for something sweet. and not fruit. you know how that is, when you want dessert and all that's in your house is grapes. and gum.

and i'm trying not to be a fatty these days and i had remembered seeing something on the old pinterest about a recipe for one cookie. so i found a recipe and i'm not saying it was rediculous, but it was telling me to measure out one sixteenth of a teaspoon of baking soda and mix in 8-10 chocolate chips.

who has a 1/16th measuring spoon?! and what is this world coming to when you have to count the chocolate chips?! just dump a bunch in there. and then put a few in your mouth for good measure.

this is america. no counting chocolate chips in america.

so i doubled the recipe for one cookie (mainly cause i couldn't measure 1/16th) and came up with 7 cookies, not 1X2=2. which is a mystery in and of itself. and then they sucked. like flour balls with chocolate chips in them. and a flour ball isn't like a biscuit. i could so chow down on a chocolate chip biscuit. this was not that.

a waste of chocolate chips. it's a shame, really.

so the moral of this story is that it's never a good idea to make ONE cookie. stop what you're doing. go unpin that "one cookie recipe" garbage. it doesn't even have to be the same recipe i used.  just UNpin it.

here's my message to you: you are beautiful and you deserve 12 cookies. just make the real deal.

or give up like i did and ask your husband to kindly pick up ice cream on his way home. 


  1. ah man, shoulda called me. i had JUST made REAL chocolate chip cookies that day. i'm sure bryant had some since i sent a plate with bill.

  2. in theory, i like to make a whole batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, roll them into balls, and stick them in the freezer. then, I just pop one or two into the oven at a time! by in theory, i mean that "one or two" thing usually doesn't happen...


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