Monday, September 17, 2012

11 months.

isaac henry is 11 whole months old!

at 11 months isaac henry:
  • loves dancing. he'll sit and dance, stand and dance, lay down and dance. if there's music playing, he's dancing. he also does it on command, like if you say "dance. dance. dance." or "dancing. dancing. dancing."
  • played outside, like really played, for the first time. wagon. dirt. climb on fort thing.
  • taking steps. i think the most he's taken is like 7-8 in a row. and we got his first real shoes!
  • POINTS at everything.
  • can "answer" his phone. plays patty cake. loves peek-a-boo, he'll squat at the end of the couch and pop up and just laugh. learned to throw a ball (or maybe that was last month?).
  • loves to wave and say hi to people. and he's changed the way he waves.
  • down to nursing once a day and eating mostly table food. his favorite this month is FRUIT. any kind of fruit. and waffles/muffins/bread. raisins.
  • sleeping 6-6 and napping twice a day for about 45 minutes at a time.
  • stayed overnight with nanny and papa for the first time. 
  • loves to push buttons. literal buttons, not my mental buttons. 
i know i've said it before, but the more he grows, the funner he gets. i love hanging out with him. he really does crack me up.

and here's the real isaac henry at this stage in his life.. trying to walk!!

now, to plan a birthday party! but first, get out the kleenex and look at these..


  1. i love that he loves to dance! how could you and bryant produce a child who didn't?!

  2. I never knew I could watch a child grow up via blog ... But I have. A whole 11 months whoa! I love him so much!


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