Friday, August 24, 2012


the following takes place between three weeks ago and yesterday. events occur in real time.

picking flowers.

kissing babies.

planning vacations. it was serious enough to elicit the white board.

growing teeny weenie watermelons. it tasted like... watermelon.


making pillows. the most rewarding and easy sewing project ever. the only thing that would be easier would be to not make pillows.

drinking coker floats. it's the best of both worlds.

i seriously didn't mean to write coker, but i'm leaving it cause it's funny.

we're naming our next child diet. diet coker.

destroying the kitchen daily. i hear there's a tropical storm isaac in the caribbean. there's a baby storm isaac in my house.

napping in the stroller after pool day with aunt em.

testing gravity. it still works.

drinking smoothies. i make turtley awesome smoothies.

i got a bowl on my head. but don't call me a bowl head.

these are my weekend goals..
1. organize laundry room shelves.
2. mount video monitor on the wall.
3. finish assembling the fall mantle. fall mantle?!
4. clean our bedroom.

hold me accountable, will ya?

link it up.

life rearranged


  1. floats have been my go to during my pregnancy. ive been off them for about 4 weeks now ... until i saw this picture. thinking about stopping by the store on my way home. thanks a lot! *he he*

    first time visitor from #instafriday

  2. love your captions! you are so creative! and IH is so darn cute! i love seeing pictures of him. diet coker...LOVE it! =) hope you're doing well on your weekend goals!!!


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