Monday, August 20, 2012

let's chat.

this weekend was one of those weekends that you need a weekend to recoup from it. does that make sense?

friday bryant was home so we took advantage of that and ran around a little bit. my mission was to find a bathing suit on sale for hawaii. but i walked away empty handed. one pieces have gotten better but they still aren't the best. and the only sizes left in the ones that were cute were extra small, so perfect.

then bryant wanted to go look at couches cause our couch is on it's last leg and any day we're expecting to fall through it. well, you know we bought a couch. it's perfect. and we bought groceries.

then i went to ami's lingerie shower.

twas fun! i love that girl.

saturday i went to ami's bridal shower. and then our couch was delivered. but of course, like any furniture we have ever bought, it was wrong. we got a sectional. so they brought us part of a sectional and a regular couch. makes sense. then we had friends over for dinner.

by sunday we were pooped. like, i was seriously considering making coffee at 4:30 sunday afternoon because i needed some energy. but isaac henry slept like a champ last night so i feel pretty rested today.

we're just doing chores, and playing, and waiting on the right couch to show up.

and just because i'm in a sharing mood, here's some fun stuff that i'm loving on the interwebs today..

free printables at take heart AND a cow picture from PW.

those are so getting printed and hung up in this house. you should probably print one off using the code GETONEFREE at walgreens. free 8X10 until the 31st. spank you very much.

i want another baby in this house. and i don't know what's going on in my heart, but here's this.. and it's making me pray.

thinking i might utilize this tutorial in the bonus room. and maybe painting our bedroom a seafoamy green? call me crazy.

happy monday friends.

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  1. first, thank you for being an awesome bridesmaid this weekend. you always make it fun. =]

    second, praying hardcore for you, sweet friend. let me know whats in your heart about that blog. amazingggg!

    third, seafoam green= YES. i aint callin you crazy cause its perfect.

    LOVE you.


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