Friday, August 31, 2012


a glimpse at my life through phone pictures.. which apparently consists of a little cooking. a little decorating. and a lot of hanging out with my kiddo.

isaac henry's newest trick that i love love love. i'll say, "i love you. who do you love?" and he'll point right at me. that's right, love your momma. always. or else.

i made pumpkin waffles. they're to die for. but the recipe makes about 5,000 waffles, so i suggest feeding an army or freezing them. or being a fatty, which i am in no way opposed to.

wednesday was a good day. but a hard day on the baby front. i suspect teeth are to blame. isaac was a grump pot/sleepy boy all day.

grump pot:

sleepy boy:

look at those toes! don't you just wanna wrap 'em up in cotton candy and gobble 'em down?!

a little sneak peek of the bedroom redecoration..

i'd show more, but there's not much more to show.

there's my happy boy!

most handsome boy ever? i think so.

and you know we've got our orange and white on today!

go vols!

hope y'all have a good long weekend. we've got lots of fun stuff going on over here! i'll tell you all about it later.

WAIT! before you go, hop over to this blog and read about buying an awesome clock to support adoption!! 

life rearranged


  1. Love Love Love it- and you...and him.

  2. Stopping by from Life Rearranged. Enjoyed your pictures - what a sweet little boy!

  3. stopping by from Life Rearranged link up. your little guy is so adorable! and we're vols fans, too!


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