Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ann and jacob are adopting!

you should know anna by now, but if you don't, this is her and her husband jacob..

ann is one of my dearest friends. she was my first friend at college. as you may remember, i didn't really care about going to college, but bryant wanted me to. and not only did he want me to, he wanted me to  make friends. ugh. so at the bcm open house during welcome week, he was encouraging me/forcing me to make friends and he suggested i go talk to ann.

i remember telling him, "she's really pretty." for some reason, probably cause i'm dumb and insecure i think that really pretty people won't want to be my friend, and then somehow i get all these gorgeous friends?! anyway, lucky for me, not only is ann a knock out, she has a beautiful heart and i get to call her my best friend.

on to the fun stuff! anna's gonna be a momma! jacob and ann live in troy, alabama. he's a youth pastor. they have a heart for adoption. and they've started the process! to adopt a 12-13 year old from belize.

you heard that right, their first baby isn't going to be a baby at all. and i couldn't be more excited for them.

she says it all better than me so you can go read her side of the story here.

and then you can help fund their adoption by buying an awesome clock!

these are just a few that they have made (see more on her blog.)

aren't they awesome?! i seriously love them.

the clocks are 15 in X 15 in for $30 or 2 ft X 2 ft for $50. and they can do ANY COLOR.

and they'll ship them for a little extra. but here's some news that will save you shipping cost. ann is bringing clocks to the NASHVILLE area in october. so if you live near me, let me know if you want a clock and i'll get it to you. all the info for ordering is on her blog or you can tell me and i'll relay the message. 

wouldn't these be awesome christmas gifts or wedding gifts?! or you can just buy one for your living room like i am. buy that big blue one and we'll be twins! do it!

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  1. love you Lindsey Jo :) So glad I went to that BCM open house... and not to the sorority thing haha!!!


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