Monday, August 27, 2012

a fall mantle.

we got a lot done this weekend. we accomplished all the goals that i set for us. pretty much. plus some.

so i had intended to clean/organize our room and bryant had intended to PAINT our room. so we painted and got it mostly cleaned. there's still some organization stuff that needs to happen, but i love it. it's the same color as our downstairs. and now i'm working on accessorizing!

i think i've finally figured out my "style". i'm going to call it: neutral with rustic-y and colorful accessories and not a lot of clutter. you'll probably see that style title in the next decorating magazine you pick up. the problem i always run into is the color. i LOVE color. and i always think i want the color on the wall, but i don't. no matter what i say, i don't. i want the color everywhere BUT the walls.

i can't wait to show you the makeover, and as much as i would have liked to have spent today decorating, basic chores and grocery shopping had to be done. so to tie you over, here's our fall mantle..    

i know it's technically still summer, but school started, so that's kinda fall. now all i need is a pumpkin candle and cooler weather and fall TV to start back and we'll be set.

also, i bought 4 cans of pumpkin today. if i'm gonna pretend it's fall, we're doing this right.


  1. yay for getting your goals accomplished! and then some!! super cute mantle! i've got pumpkin on the brain too!! thanks for sharing! =)

  2. oh, girl, i am with you on the boring walls, colorful everything else train. i love to change things up and could never commit to a paint color. which would make for a very grouchy husband! i dream of painting all our walls a nice clean gray someday.


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