Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a collage and a couch.

you know i did the whole gallery wall thing a while back. and i promised to show a real picture with links and what not, so as to not disappoint..

i think i still want something long and narrow above the family picture, but the rest i'm pretty happy with.

be present print : my sister's suitcase
what i love about my home print : eighteen25 (one of my fave blogs!)
live simply print : dazeychic on etsy
tennessee print : the vintage lemon (the prints aren't available anymore, but her blog is cute! check it out!)

the cow is a sticker. the C is a yard sale find, spray painted. the white frames are all junky walmart frames, painted. the yellow frame is a funeral frame, spray painted. and the family picture is taken by the fab katie willis, printed by cafepress. LOVE it!

and i lied before. i think i'm going to change out the what i love about my home print with this print i made..

just to add a little red to the bunch. feel free to take that image. i don't care what you do. and i don't think it's as obnoxiously red once it's printed.

and this is our new couch..

before you shake your head at my beautiful WHITE couch. it's all slipcovers. WASHABLE slip covers. and i love it.

and look how many pillows i get to have! i love pillows. they're fun.

the only problem is the awkward empty space behing the couch to the window. it's like as big as IH's room. any suggestions as to what i should do back there? activities?

well, how'd that get in there? says the shameless momma making you look at pictures of her firstborn.


  1. Gorgeous couch! I think slipcovers are super smart and how comfy and inviting is that with all the pillows? Your family well spend a lot of time on there. Until not long ago I often felt like the 6 of us were on 2 cushions all the time.

  2. It looks great!!! You could do a big shelf with cubbies with those colorful cubby baskets filled with toys on the empty wall and a kiddy sized table and chairs for IH and future children to play at.

  3. oh, i love the new sectional! it looks so inviting. we have a white slipcovered couch right now and, while i don't wash it nearly as often as i should, all the stains have always come out (including, of course, baby poop).

    i second jaimie's idea - maybe an expedit bookcase filled with toys and books and a cute kiddy table?

  4. I LOVE the print you made! Is it available for sale anywhere?

    1. vanessa, i'm glad you like it! you can just save and print the image. or if you'll shoot me an email, i'll send you the file!


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