Tuesday, August 14, 2012

400. not..

so i was all psyched up cause this is my 400th blog post. and then i clicked in to write the four hundreth.. hundreth.. hundreth.. blog post and i had an empty draft that had been saved for some mysterious reason. so actually this is my 399th blog post. and we were going to celebrate by me telling you 400 things about myself. but now i'll just tell you 399.

or how about 4 things?

1. we got a video baby monitor on groupon. it's quite possibly the coolest and creepiest thing ever. like, we can watch isaac henry sleep. and he doesn't even know.

2. the garden is on the downswing. my pepper plant has about 10 peppers on it and my zinnias are going crazy. the rest is either pulled out or dead or just laying there not really doing anything.

3. we booked a vacation. a big vacation to celebrate our impending 5th anniversary. to... HAWAII. i am so stinking excited. we're going in october/november. without IH. he's just gonna stay here and fend for himself. but actually he'll be with my parents. anyway, we'll be gone 10 days. and a few of those days are going to be spent in california, in los angelos and san fransisco. we're going to oahu and the big island. have you been to hawaii? what should we do? see? eat? any advice will be much appreciated. all i know is that i wanna eat some shave ice and ride some lava and maybe even get a san fransisco treat. do you dare me to wear a fake grass skirt on the plane? do you believe that i have a fake grass skirt? cause i do.

4. i'm having the hardest time even thinking of 4 things so here's a picture of me and bryant before prom in 2005. because everyone loves looking at pictures from years gone by. it's probably one of my favorite things.

it was a time before boobies and facial hair..

bryant was an infant and i was approximately a newborn babe. or 15 and 18, whichev.

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  1. Breakfast at Dukes in Waikiki. Paradise Cove luau was awesome!! I will think of more give me some days


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