Friday, August 17, 2012

10 months.

isaac henry is TEN months old! and i say it every time, i cannot believe it. but i guess that's kind of a lie. since life keeps happening and the only thing he can do is get older. it's been the best 10 months.

this month isaac henry:
  • is still a big eater. he nurses 3 times a day. we started weaning by cutting his lunchtime nursing and he's doing great. he didn't like moo milk at first but he's starting to take to it pretty good now. he's at that weird stage between baby food and table food and it goes back and forth on which he prefers every day.
  • his favorite foods are bananas, refried beans, and BREAD. if it is bread related, this boy will LOVE it.
  • learned to clap and give high fives.
  • started saying some WORDS: daddy/dada, papa, hi, bye, up!
  • giving sugars without being asked. melt. my. heart.
  • has two teeth. the bottom two came through this month. adorbs. 
  • started waking up a little more at night. still goes to bed at 6. 
  • favorite toys: stacking cups, balls, cars.
  • getting into everything! 
  • starting to venture into 12 month clothes. but he's still on the shrimpy side. bryant says he's a hummingbird. 
  • still loves people. loves to stare, talk, etc. with anyone and everyone. 
he cracks me up. and keeps me on my toes. there are days where i do nothing but chase him around and pull him away from the fireplace and dig things out of his mouth. but he's the greatest baby. so laid back and chill. energetic, expressive, and funny. i'm loving each month he grows more than the one before.



  1. Aw! Precious boy. Happy 10 months!

  2. So cute and he has grown so much!

  3. I'm glad he likes bread. makes me and his auntie em proud!

  4. Lindsey Jo, I've been reading your blog for about 6 weeks now. Went back and read every single post. True story. I love your posts and your heart and I think we'd be besties if we ever met. Too stalker-ish? Sorry. Just know that God has blessed me through your posts and be encouraged!

    1. wow girl. that's dedication. send me an email and we'll be email besties! :)


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