Friday, July 27, 2012

this week.

monday: we went to the grocery store. these mums hopped in my cart.

they're pretty. but do you know how hard it is to put mums in a vase? cause they're a bush. that complicates things.

then i made this pie. cause i'm super domestic and all.

we had our friend amanda over for dinner. she brought pizza. it was nice to visit. and to not cook.

tuesday: did chores. played all day. isaac henry seriously walked around with his walker for 30 minutes straight. he wants to go so bad!

and i made yummy yummy salads for dinner. with lots of stuff in them. i love salads with lots of stuff.

wednesday: isaac henry started acting like he didn't feel good.. fever. super clingy. didn't want to play. just wanted to be held.

it was a bummer. but he did spunk up enough to learn a new trick, clapping! yay!

thursday: rinse and repeat. IH was not feeling good. he didn't want to play at all. just cuddle. and nap. and nurse. and not really eat. which is NOT like him. i finally convinced him to eat a graham cracker. yep, that's it. my kid that eats more than i do ate a. graham. cracker. and i pretty much laid on the couch with him all day.

and i felt like a big slob. cause i had not done anything but watch cartoons on netflix and read on the kindle while isaac henry slept and whip out a boob every now and again. but then i reminded myself that i'm a stay at home MOM. not a stay at home maid. or a stay at home launderer. or a stay at home chef. and while all those things may fall under my job description, laying on the couch and snuggling a babe when all he wants is his momma does too.

friday: his fever must have broke last night. PTL. he's been a spitfire. crawling around. playing. eating handfuls of cheerios.

it's good for my heart to see him feel normal. and if this continues, we're getting out of the house today! i feel like a cooped up hen. and i need to roam some aisles or something.

y'all have a good weekend.

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