Tuesday, July 31, 2012

nice pants, would you like to dance?

saturday night we called on our trusty babysitters and went out with some friends.

first we ate some yummy pasta that sits real good in your belly and then we headed over to dance to some big band music.

they did a little cha cha lesson before. which was.. fun? and frustrating and my toes got stepped on.. bryant. i prefer free style. and acting like i know what i'm doing. which is exactly what we did once the real music started. 

we pranced around a lot. and i made bryant catch me when i jumped up, reminiscent of swing dancing. ha. the 80 year old that actually grew up dancing to this music were probably just shaking their heads at us. 

here's the pretty ladies.. meghan, myself, and amanda. 
and our gentlemen.. bryant, andy, and brandon.

it was a lot of fun. i love dancing with my guy. we have a blast.

it was good to do something we don't do very often and a sweet time with friends.

and y'all i was feeling it the next day. and the next. maybe i should dance like a fool more often. i'll be the hottest momma on the block.

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