Friday, July 13, 2012


once again, this is two weeks get your money's worth around here.

our sweet friend amanda got married a few weeks ago. this is the only picture i took.

classic. but her wedding was super cute. so many cute details. all her bridesmaids (she had 10! yikes!) wore different yellow dresses. i so wish that woulda been the style when i got married. she was a beautiful bride! and she was only engaged a few months and still managed to get everything done and cute. long live short engagements!

chocolate gravy. for dinner.

we keep it classy. also, chocolate gravy is delish. the best way i can describe it if you've never had it is like warm chocolate pudding, kinda. and it always reminds me of my friend shannon and her momma, karen. (hi shannon! hi karen!)

more babe sleeping on the momma..

my tomatoes vs. my FIL's tomatoes..

he wins. but really i win. because he did the work and i got the tomatoes.

isaac henry will eat just about anything. but one of his faves right now is toast. and he'll try to stick the whole slice in his mouth if you don't watch him. he's his father's child.

putting up the tomatoes..

i just diced them and froze them in ziploc bags. i'm afraid to can. the bacteria!!!! what if it creeps in and ruins my stores?!

my kitchen helper..

happy friday y'all!

life rearranged


  1. your little kitchen helper is too cute! Is that a green FLIP diaper on him? We LOVE our FLIPS! :)

  2. Fun wedding! Love your tomatoes. Hope your next week is a fun one.

  3. You just freeze tomoatoes? You don't have to do anything except cut them up? Really?
    That's awesome!!


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