Wednesday, July 4, 2012

happy quatro de julio, er, fourth of july.

i just wanted to show y'all a picture of isaac henry in his fourth of july outfit. so here he is getting into the fireplace even though i've "redirected" him 1776 times today.

did ya see what i did there?

oh, wait, that's just normal clothes. well, one of the great things about america, he's free to not wear red, white, and blue today. sooo... purple mountain majesties. what?

mom and dad are coming over later. i made a cake.

a wise woman once said, "if it looks like crap, at least make it trendy."

or maybe i said that.

i know what you're thinking. and yes, go ahead and pin that masterpiece. you have my full permission.

we won't be shooting fireworks off since:
1. our grass is crispy.
2. our county has banned them because of the crispiness.
3. ya might as well just light a $20 bill on fire.
4. isaac henry goes to bed at 6:00. gramps. 

but we will be eating some ugly cake.

happy fourth of july y'all!


  1. Hey, that cake represents our country! I would repin it in a heartbeat. And since you made it, that pretty much means it tasted amazing. My poor husband would love it. I've failed in my wifely duties in the baking department.
    Love seeing your handsome stud. He's getting so big! Happy 4th!!!!

  2. Lindsey Jo, I am a relatively new reader from Canada. I love your blog. You bring a smile to my face with every entry. Keep chasing after Jesus and loving that little family of yours!


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