Monday, July 16, 2012

go jump in the lake.

bryant's parents have a lake house in kentucky. so this last weekend we ventured there to visit with 3/4 of the coker children. we were only missing bryant's oldest brother and his family. they live in california.

you know we had to get a picture with the state sign! this is kinda funny to me since bryant and i grew up minutes from kentucky. but a state is a state no matter how close.

we also decided that people from kentucky should be called kentuckers. we think we're funny.

this visit was especially special because we got to meet the newest addition to the fam. baby ivan. 

3 coker boys born within a year. trouble waiting to happen.

seth - 6 months. ivan - 2 months. isaac henry - 9 months.

holding ivan was super weird. he's just a glob of squishiness. isaac henry is still pretty squishy but he will only allow about a millisecond of cuddles. i loved having a new baby but i love isaac's age now! he's a hoot.

and here's the whole family.. 

also, just so you don't think my life is glitter and rainbows. at about 5 am saturday morning, i threw isaac's quilt across the room and yelled, "i hate this! and i'm never coming back!" dramatic, much?

turns out isaac doesn't like sleeping in the room with us. because he can see us and wants to be with us, not in his dumb pack'n'play. and that's not good for anyone.

so i held him and didn't sleep. because my options for sleeping were to stand and sleep or to sit in a rocking chair that was designed for torture and sleep.

shortly after my dramatic outburst bryant saved the day by swinging IH in the car seat until he fell asleep. that's when the angels starting singing hallelujah.

and then we went home.

the end.


  1. I love the photos. I thought it was funny that you have a photo with the KY sign, because I figured you already had one.

    Tim and Trish are great people. :)

  2. oh, goodness! we've definitely had nights like that one. not our finest moments.

    the little cousins all look so much alike! especially seth and isaac henry. so cute!


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