Tuesday, July 17, 2012

9 months.

well, he's been out as long as he was in.

i have a 9 month old.

and this month i just gave up on the laying down pictures. ya take what ya can get with this kid. so i taped the fabric to the wall and destracted him with goldfish and cheerios long enough to snap a few pictures.

at nine months isaac henry:
  • the saddest thing has happened this month. the frog crawl is no more. isaac henry crawls like a normal baby. it is a sad sad thing. 
  • pulling up on EVERYTHING. LOVES to stand up. walking a little bit with a push along walker.
  • eating lots. i mean LOTS. nursing about 4 times a day. plus two large meals a day and lots of snacks and scraps from our plates. he'll just stare at you if you are eating. or even better, he'll just grab food off your plate and stuff it in his mouth. needless to say, he's eating table food. and still chowing down on the baby food too.
  • getting better at the sippy cup. still not awesome. 
  • new tricks: waving, giving kisses!, stacking blocks and such.
  • really starting to figure out his toys. 
  • loves his daddy (IH gets so excited when bry gets home!), sesame street, food, bath time, books, people/faces, food, the fireplace and entertainment cabinet (not. cool.), the kitchen, balls, and food. 
  • dislikes having his face/nose wiped, being left alone, and being denied food. that's really about it. 
  • steals food from other babies. rude. 
  • still sleeping really good. early to bed, early to rise. he's been freaking out on his morning nap lately but we're trying to teach him to go down by himself (and he's getting it!) but morning nap is still a little tough. 
  • starting to show a little separation anxiety, like crying when he's dropped off at the nursery at church. but he calms down pretty quick.
  • eyes are starting to turn brown! 
  • points at everything. with his little pointer. have you ever seen anything cuter than that?! 
  • easily the cutest, most lovable, smartest, funniest baby in the history of the world.   
wow. i didn't think there was gonna be a lot to say this month but then i started typing. yikes. 

i love this cause he looks like such a fatty..

he had just stuffed a bunch of goldfish in his mouth. it cracks me up!

i love him so much my heart might bust.

** i forgot a few things! he can crawl up ALL the stairs now. he can hand things back and forth on command. like if you say "give it to momma." he will. most of the time. we're working on giving fives. and i'm clueless on his size stats but we go to the doctor friday so we should find out then. i have a feeling he is creeping out of the lower end of the percentages!

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