Thursday, July 19, 2012

6 things.

1. i read this book a while back. these is my words. it's real good. eventually i wanna read them all. if you like historical fiction you should totes read it.

or not. whatev.

2. last week i went to a recipe swap. it was hilarious. and delicious. i made a honeybun cake and roasted corn salad. and i ate until i had a food baby in my belly. and i didn't take a stinkin' picture. but you can go to brandy's blog and see some pictures she took.

also her house is so cute i wanna move in.

3. i think i'm growing my hair out. and i cut bangs. i even watched a youtube video on how to do it, so you know it's legit.

4. IH fed himself spaghetti for the first time monday. he slurped it up with puckered lips and he was so orange by the end that he looked like an oompa loompa. we just put him in the tub and it left an orange ring. too funny.

5. i dropped my phone in the bathtub. as you know, phones don't typically respond well to being dropped in bathtubs. so it died. and i did that trick where you put it in rice over night. and then miraculously some of the features started working again. except the home button. which is pretty essential on an iphone. oh, and the whole phone part. so i couldn't actually use my phone for what phones were originally invented for.

well, i went to Bible study and we were talking about God's gifts to us and how we can ask him for even little things and then when it happens, it's God! i forget that so much. the littlest things that seem to just go your way- it's God! those are gifts from Him! isn't that so cool?! anyway, i prayed for my phone. and some of my friends prayed for my phone.  

and then after Bible study, my phone was working! except for the home button. so here's your PSA: there is an alternative to the home button. you can put one on your touchscreen. just go to settings > general > accessability > assistive touch. and there you go. it looks like a little circle that floats on the screen and then when you touch it it looks like this..

and you just use it like a normal home button. awesome, huh?

and then.. wait for it.. my real home button started working again! so pretty much God fixed my phone. and i'm excited about it.

6. bry bear has been in NY this week. and i'm gonna go get him from the airport tonight and i'm gonna give him a big ole smooch cause i missed him so much.

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