Monday, June 25, 2012

today was a good day.

the dishes are done. the counters are wiped. the laundry is tumbling. isaac henry is upstairs asleep. bryant is at his summer tennis league. and i'm wearing yoga pants and sitting in my fancy lounge chair in the backyard soaking in the last little bit of daylight and the evening breeze. and today was a good day. one of those days that i want to remember.

nothing really spectacular happened. i just loved this day. isaac was so fun and sweet today. i felt like a good momma and i felt really happy. also, isaac is always fun and sweet but he was especially fun and sweet today. 

we've been trying to lay isaac down for naps while he's awake. and i always fail. bryant's good at it. but isaac henry laid right down for his morning nap and didn't even cry. and slept for an hour.

then we went over to our friend emmie's and roman's and swam. isaac henry just loved it. he splashed and splashed. and as soon as he hit the car seat he was conked out from playing so hard. he slept so hard that i took him out of the car, carried him all through the post office, and put him back in the car and he was still asleep!

we played and practiced giving sugars all afternoon. i'd pucker up and he'd lean in and let me kiss him on the mouth. or he'd lick me. ha.

he drank some water out of the sippy cup today. and i'm feeling readier to wean him. i'd still like to make it to a year, but he's nursing for shorter periods of time and less frequently. and i'm getting readier.  

he's taking baths in the big bathtub now and he just plays and splashes. he loves the water. i could let him stay in there all day. he just loves it.

i grilled pork chops. and burnt them. and bryant ate his. the whole thing. and isaac tried grapes, cut up in little pieces.

last night i tried on my tankini. and i felt yucky in it. you could see just a little sliver of my belly. my belly that's covered with stretch marks and for a minute, i let myself feel sad. but i'm not sad. and i don't even care. cause bryant thinks i'm pretty. and i have the sweetest baby that lived in my belly for 40 weeks and 2 days. and that's why i have those stretch marks and i'm so happy to have them.

and i just wonder if every momma looks at their baby and thinks, "wow. i am the momma to the most precious, sweetest, most scrumptious little baby. he's probably the best baby in the entire world. and i could just smooch him all day. and i think my heart's gonna burst right open cause i'm just so in love. and i wish his daddy would come home so we could make a whole passel of these. wow." cause that's how i feel today and it's a pretty good feeling.


  1. Replies
    1. yeah, well. i'm sweet. you know that's my most endearing quality.

  2. Go ahead and make more babies, IH is so precious.... :)

  3. you have such a sunny outlook on life! today my little girl decided to wake up at 4am and not go down for a nap until 3pm, on a day when we had so, so much to get done because we're moving on the weekend. i needed to read this and be reminded of how blessed my life is!

    1. that's a looooonnnngg day!! good luck on the move. don't work too hard!! :)


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