Thursday, June 21, 2012

this week.

we've been stacking blocks. and playing peek a boo, only we call it peep-eye. and wiping noses. summer colds are the worst.

eating veggies from the garden. and trying to lay out in the sun. i lasted 20 whole minutes and thought i was gonna die. i'm getting wimpy in my old age. and don't worry, isaac was tucked away in the AC napping during his mother's dumbness.

reading galatians. it's so good. and trying to get caught up on house work. i think i need to make a schedule. or i'll never get caught up.

watching white collar on hulu after IH goes to bed. i like it. 

trying to figure out which of our family pictures to put on a canvas. i'll share them. i'm just being lazy today. and planning a gallery-esque wall somewhere in this home-diggity.

simple days.

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