Thursday, June 14, 2012

kae's taco salad.

one of the things i love most about our church is what we call "community groups". we meet in someone's home for mutual prayer, discipleship, and ministry every week. and the groups have people from all walks of life in them so there's lots of variety and lots to be learned from other people. dave and kae are in our community and are a generation or so older than us. they're a wealth of information.

this is one of my favorite things i've learned from kae. and it's a yummy one. taco salad, done right. 

what you need:
1 lb. ground beef
1 bag doritos
1 large head of lettuce
a few good sized tomatoes
shredded cheese
ranch dressing
pace picante sauce

what you do:
brown up ground beef. i used a little homemade taco seasoning* to season it while it cooked. chop lettuce. dice tomatoes. mix those three ingredients and the cheese in a large bowl. if you're serving it right away, move on to the next steps. if not, then wait until right before you're serving it. crunch up the doritos and add them in. then add the dressing, 2 parts ranch dressing and 1 part pace picante sauce. i used 1 cup ranch and 1/2 cup pace and it was perfecto.

*making taco seasoning is ridiculously easy. it's almost a sin not to make your own. i use this recipe. just make it. cause you don't wanna be a sinner do you?? and while you're at it, make this salad. it's the right thing to do.


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