Monday, June 11, 2012

it feels like a monday.

you know what i mean, right? some days it really is monday and some days it just feels like monday. and today just happens to be both.

it's cloudy and humid and bryant went back to work today after two wonderful weeks of vacation.

real life is upon us. there's a kitchen to be cleaned, floors to be vacuumed, a little booty to be wiped, laundry to be folded, and groceries to be bought.

isaac henry woke up raring to go this morning. at 5:45. which is just a tad bit early for this momma.

and i've been singing to myself all day..

in the morning when i rise,
in the morning when i rise, 
in the morning when i rise,
give me Jesus. 

cause i need Jesus today.

p.s. my friend sent those hydrangeas home with me from a bridal shower last week. and they're still very much so thriving. aren't they pretty?

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