Friday, June 29, 2012


instafriday? already? i feel like this week went by quick. we had something on the calendar for most of the week, so maybe that's why. anyway, here's instagram pictures from the last TWO weeks. you can follow me on instagram. the name's lindseyjocoker. nice to meet ya.

blackberry cobbler.

cobbler + vanilla ice cream may be my favorite dessert. this was the cobbler i made last week. i made one this week too. i love them that much.

my little adventurer. climbing over the couch ledge.

he could also be found this week pulling up on the entertainment center to push the dvd player buttons, getting in the fireplace to chew on a candle, under the kitchen table doing who knows what.

but look how cute..

ya can't get mad at that face.

ya can't get mad at this face either..

veggie face!

we got netflix recently. to finish watching white collar. and we've let isaac henry watch some sesame street. he LOVES it. he just stares. and he'll sit in your lap perfectly still and just watch. that's unheard of for him. he's usually the wiggliest guy ever! 

zinnias from the garden..

i love them!

these were our first squash from the garden..


and a half price shake from sonic on summer solstice..


the canvas i ordered of our family pictures came! of course i consulted instagram on whether it should hang alone or with other stuff around it. the consensus was that it needed some buddies.

another one of my cutie pie..

the cucumbers are plenty and the peppers are few.

but seriously, the cucumbers are PLENTY. after all the sesame street this week, all i could think of was "one of these things is not like the other."

i think we have enough cucumbers. 

and a sneak peak of the canvas with some other stuff. there's still at least one more thing that i want to add. and my white frames need another coat of paint. i couldn't tell until i got them inside. but what's your thoughts? once the wall is really complete, i'll do an official post on it with links and all that.

have a good weekend!

life rearranged


  1. I love your family pic and the colors your adding to it on your wall! And yay for garden produce, cucumber overload and all :)

  2. Wow, you did an AWESOME job with that little frame collage! Looks lovely :)

  3. Oh, my gosh! Love your photo wall - so colorful and just perfect! And love your veggie faces; we do that at my house with everything and take so many face pics that my kids give my husband a photo book of them each Christmas. You have great voice, and I especially enjoyed reading your "about" page and your little joke with the "only ten you see." Good one. Hope you have a great week; I'll for sure be looking you up on instagram.

  4. Love the wall collage. Oh, and awesome yellow pillow on the couch...I have that same fabric to make something beautiful out of. Great minds!

  5. You canvas and groupings look adorable! And now I want to run to Sonic for a soda! ;-)


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