Friday, June 1, 2012


we've been on vacation this week. so no blogging from me. here's a little recap of our trip, camera phone style.

it was the first time isaac henry has left the great state of tennessee. alabama the beautiful was his first out of state experience. he was such a trooper in the car for 9ish hours.

he probably loved it so much since we let him drive part of the way.

gotcha! he can't reach the pedals, ya big silly heads.

and i'm sad to inform you that destin no longer has any beaches. the sand was all consumed by none other than isaac henry coker.

he tolerated the ocean. he LOVED the pool. which is good since we have one of those at home.

we had a condo and ate breakfast and lunch there. but we pigged out at restaurants for dinner.

then we got donuts on our way out of town. they had like 50 kinds to choose from. do you know how happy that makes me?!

i have come to the conclusion that bread and cheese are two of my love languages. donuts = sweet fried BREAD.

then we stopped to see annie and jacob in alabama the beautiful on our way home. she presented me with this huge binder for my birthday..

my first words upon seeing it were "what's in that?!" well, it's my blog!! isn't that the greatest gift?  i'm so excited about it!

now we're home. and i love vacation but i love home.

isaac has been ecstatic since we pulled in the driveway. he also loves home apparently.

so today we're washing toys.

and doing laundry.

and just being home.

bryant is off all next week too. and i'm thrilled. i'll share more vacation pictures later.

have a good weekend y'all!

life rearranged

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  1. Hi; just checking back to say hi! What a fun week; what a cute baby; what a sweet family!

    Vacations are wonderful and so is the beach!
    Donuts are pretty much awesome!

    Enjoy your weekend and next week!!



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