Thursday, June 21, 2012

family photos. 2012.

we recently had pictures made. by the fabulous katie willis. you can see some more of her stuff here or here.

i was originally gonna wait until isaac was one-ish. but he's just so stinking cute. and we can always get more made, right??

anyway, here's a picture overload. i was so worried that we didn't get any good ones cause of course isaac skipped his nap the day we had pictures. but to my surprise we got quite a few. now i'm left trying to decide which to have put on a big ole canvas.. thoughts? 

i originally thought this one..

but now i'm leaning towards this one...

i can't commit!!

mmmm... romance.

but seriously, leave me a comment now and tell me what to do. i need help. in more ways than one. but this is the least you can do. DO IT!


  1. Those are so great!
    I'll vote for #3 and #6 for a canvas, but I love the 2 you're considering, too.

    Maybe you should do a group of 4 square canvases. Looks like it'll be mighty challenging to choose just one! :)

  2. I like the one of y'all sitting on the bench. Or the one of you kissing IH, and Bryant is smiling. The kissing one is my fave :).

  3. NUmBER TWOOOO!! with you kissing him and him look at the like camera like hey i'm awesome and bryant looking at him fam all dreamy it.


  4. I'm going with Emily on this one. They are all sooo freakin cute I can totally see your dilemma. I also like no love the one of y'all walking and him looking up at ya. The one your leaning toward is adorable but he looks too much like a baby- doesn't show that wild personality! love them and y'all!

  5. #2 fuuur suuuure

  6. I vote for the 2nd or 14th one. There is no way I could choose if I were you though, go with three smaller canvases that kind of make a grouping. I saw a friend's engagement pictures done like that it made her pictures look even better.

  7. If yall were uglier the decision would be so much easier...way to be cute and create a cute child...looks like you just need cuteness all over your house now in multiple frames. :)

  8. Tough decision... I love #2 and #5 and also the one you say you're leaning toward now... The photographer did a great job. She captured your happy little family perfectly. Nice. Not all posed and stiff. Love em!

  9. The second one is the cutest! I think.... Who could choose just one??!


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