Monday, June 18, 2012

8 months.

isaac henry is 8 whole months old. wow.

i really can't even believe it. 

i think this is my favorite age so far. IH is so funny. he really cracks me up. it's fun being his momma.

at 8 months isaac henry:
  • still rocking the army/frog crawl. he may never crawl normally. normal is for the birds.
  • pulling up on anything and everything. and standing for really short periods of time without holding on.
  • sleeping like a grandpa. like, going down at 5:45 pm and waking up at 6ish am. plus two naps a day at approximately 10 and 2.
  • still on the boob. eating two solid meals a day and trying lots of table food. plus eating cheerios all day long. he's my little grazer.
  • can officially climb the stairs. 
  • new tricks: waving, having "conversations" back and forth, and calling the indians. 
  • has swam, gone on a vacation, had his first cold, and tried ice cream!
  • does not like having his face wiped. 
he is the coolest kid i've ever seen. he's so outgoing and happy. attentive and funny. i just like everything about him.

this is his new smile for when he's super super happy.. isn't it hilarious?!

look how little he was.. hold me.

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