Tuesday, May 22, 2012


i'm a summer person. i feel like life gets simpler in the summer. the food seems fresher. the chores seem easier. the house seems cleaner. even when it's not. i think it's the light.

memories don't seem so far away. i feel like the majority of my childhood memories are from warm weather months.

i just plain like the summer.


4 or 5 baby tomatoes have been spotted. and a few teensy tiny peppers. and then there's the other bed. that looks like death. i'm gonna fertilize this week, hopefully that'll help.

spying on the neighbors.. 

there's been lots of cheerio eating going on. and eating in general for that matter. one thing is for certain, isaac henry loves to eat.

i made these muffins. banana chocolate chip. 

they were pretty good. but they stuck to the liners really bad. don't you hate that?! so i tossed about half of 'em.

the last two days i have cleaned like crazy. and now it's done. i mean, i even mopped. which i'm finding more and more necessary being that my child eats off the floor and i'm trying to make sure that he's just eating food he's dropped.

there are always toys scattered. i have a feeling that my house will be scattered for the next 20 years. i'm not gonna sweat it. we do live here after all.

i have a few creative ideas spinning around in my head. i'd like to do some big barn wood art in the living room and maybe a collage wall upstairs somewhere. i'll keep you updated.

also, i made homemade granola bars today.

so good. and fairly healthy. and so so easy. i'm gonna have a hard time buying them from now on.

tomorrow is my golden birthday. i'm turning 23 on the 23rd. that's what a "golden birthday" means. tonight we're eating dinner with momma and daddy. and tomorrow i may take myself to lunch and browse target. bryant bought me pioneer woman's new cookbook. and gave it to me way early. it's good stuff. and he said he'd make me a cake. which should be equally entertaining and delicious.

pretty much i'm gonna do a buncha stuff that i wanna do and hardly anything that i don't wanna do. and that's okay cause it's my party and i'll cry if i want to. so wish me a happy birthday already so i can stop going on and on!

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