Wednesday, May 9, 2012

let me tell ya.. a few things.

yesterday i tried to make some mango baby food. it didn't turn out too well. apparently i don't know how to tell a mango is ripe. and then i tried to cut 'em all up and they wouldn't budge. so i just threw 'em away. the lesson here is to stick to what you know. and i don't know mangoes.

but speaking of that baby that is eating us out of house and home.. he's sitting up real good these days.

exhibit a:

exhibit b:

i don't know why he thinks it's ok for him to be a grown up, but whatevs. i'll just ground him or something.

there was a dead bird on my patio yesterday. last week there was some sort of innards. gross things are always happening in our yard.

speaking of our gross yard, i'm having a yard sale saturday. i'm hoping to make the big bucks.

also, i've been meaning to blog about this.. we cut cable.

bryant has been wanting to do it for a while and he was always researching antennas and what-not. and i was very anti-cutting cable. i mean, i'm the one at home all the live long day. what am i supposed to do if i can't watch 16 episodes of 'a baby story' or a 'chopped' marathon?!

finally one day, he started in on his latest antenna research. and i just said, "i'm tired of talking about it. if you wanna do it, just do it." and he did. and guess what? i don't miss is it. at all.

when did we start thinking that cable tv was a basic need? just one of those necessary bills like water and electricity and groceries. wrong-o my friends. wrong-o.

and that's that.


  1. I'm a recently new follower to your blog. I'm so glad to hear of someone else cutting out cable/satellite. We cancelled ours almost 4 years ago, and I still don't miss it.

  2. woohoo! huge fan of the cable cuttin! and i dont know mangos either..

    bff fo life.

  3. We don't have cable either! I love it... lots of movies... and more important... marriage talk and stuff. it's good. i don't miss it either. stupid cable.

    i like mangoes... but i miss passion fruit from Africa... isn't that a great name for a fruit??

  4. just adding that we are a fellow rabbit eared family


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