Tuesday, May 15, 2012

just life.

i picked up another blue mason jar at a yard sale for a buck this last weekend. i think i have a problem.

and speaking of yard sales, i made $121 at mine saturday. pretty good considering all i had was little stuff.

i got the stuff to make these today. i'm kind of excited. and i got stuff for homemade ice cream. really excited about that one.

i changed up our chalk board. i was inspired.

i got my free 8X10s at walgreens. did you?? i love when they run that code.

you can find these free printables on my print board. which is kinda heavy with turquoise. turquoise may be my new fave.

now i just gotta get some frames and find a place to hang 'em.

isaac has started doing this new bobble head/head shake thing. it's super cute.

isn't he sitting up so good?! he'll be seven months old this week. just call me moses, cause i'm in denial. 

we finally booked our vacay last night. we're heading to destin for a few days.

and finally, i'm trying to decide between tacos, hamburgers, and country meatballs for dinner. quick! what's your vote? what're you making? can we just eat with you?


  1. If you don't stop by on your way to Destin I will be mad... so... you better stop by.

  2. We're having steaks tonight. The hub just brought em in from the ole grill. MMMM
    My vote is for yall to dine on some burgers!


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